Tips For Wearing, And Caring, For Your Custom Orthotics

Chiropractors and podiatrist both recommend custom orthotics for people who suffer with recurrent back pain or other pain issues that stem from improper posture or gait. The custom orthotic devices are made especially for you, the patient, so it is important that you know how to break them in and care for them.

Breaking In

While custom orthotic devices are made for you and no one else, this does not mean they will feel great from the start. You have to break them gradually, so you can get used to wearing them and experience the devices' full benefits. You can start by wearing the orthotics for one hour on the first day. The second day wear them for two hours, and so on, until you can wear your orthotic all day. 

If you experience discomfort, such as leg, foot, or back pain, remove the orthotic device. The next day, insert them, but wear them only as long as you did the day before, and then start increasing your wearing time by 30 to 60 minutes a day, but only if you can do so comfortably. 

If the pain and discomfort continues, you need to contact the doctor who prescribed your orthotic devices and ask to come in for an exam. He or she will determine if you need adjustment made to help ease discomfort, so you can comfortably wear and benefit from you orthotics. Sometimes orthotics may require adjustments to improve function. 

Caring and Wearing

Orthotic device are made to wear in different types of shoes, so you may have a pair to wear with your athletic shoes and your dress shoes. It is important to take your orthotics with you when buying new shoes to ensure they fit properly. In some cases, you may need to buy a larger size or deeper and wider shoe to make sure your orthotics and feet fit comfortable in the shoe. 

Orthotics are most often made of a material that you can clean. Remove them periodically from your shoes and wipe them down with warm water and mild soap. You an also inspect them for any damage. If they are torn or otherwise damage, call your doctor to make an appointment to repair or replace them.Your doctor will schedule yearly visits to have your orthotics re-evaluated.  

It is important to wear your orthotic devices as prescribed and take good care of them. Custom orthotics must function properly to provide effective pain relief. If you have questions or concerns about the devices, makes sure to call a doctor or provider—such as Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic—to discuss your concerns.