3 Tips For Protecting Your Eyes

Your eyes are one of the most important organs in your body. It is vital that you properly care for your eyes, but many people do not take the necessary steps to ensure that they are caring for their eyes. Here are some things that you should be doing often to protect your eyes.

1. Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Everyone knows that it is important to wear sunscreen. Your skin can easily become damaged in the sun. However, many people do not realize how dangerous UV rays are to your eyesight and overall eye health. Each time your eyes are exposed to the sun without protection it can damage them. In addition, people with little pigment in their eyes, such as people with blue eyes, are particularly susceptible to sun damage. This is why you should make sure that every time you are outside, winter or summer, that you have sunglasses on or that you are wearing a hat to protect your eyes.

2. Replace Makeup Often

You might fall into the trap of thinking that if your makeup still looks good that it is still safe to wear. This couldn't be further from the truth. Your eyes naturally carry dangerous bacteria. This bacterium can infect the eyes if it is not properly dealt with. Each time you use your makeup you spread that bacteria. This means that every couple of months you should be replacing your eye makeup so that you don't expose your eyes to more dangerous bacteria than necessary.

You should also replace your eye makeup after you have been sick, if you have had pink eye, or if you have experienced any kind of eye irritation.

3. Keep You Eyes Moist

The more moisture you have in your eyes, the healthier they will be. Your eyes can wash out the bacteria and particles that you encounter everyday, but they need plenty of tears and water to push them out. This is why you should be doing a couple things daily. First, drink plenty of water. Being hydrated will help your body and your eyes to stay healthy. Second, if you wear contacts you should replace them every night and even give yourself a day or two off. Contacts can dry out the eyes, which is why it is so important that you make sure that you are getting plenty of moisture and airflow while wearing contacts. Lastly, if you are experiencing dry eye, use eye drops to help lubricate the eye.

By doing these simple things you can protect your eyes. For more information about eye care, contact a professional like Ashworth Vision Clinic.