Think You Can’t Afford A Facelift? The Price Of Beauty Is More Affordable Than You Think!

If you are contemplating a facelift but do not think you could ever afford one, think again. Believe it or not, even though a facelift is a significant medical procedure, it is not completely unattainable. With a little planning and some realistic budgeting, you can not only afford a facelift, but also afford it sooner than you might think.

Determine What Kind of Facelift You Want

Not all facelifts are the same. The word "facelift" is actually a blanket term that includes a variety of different procedures, including the deep place facelift, neck lift, S-lift, and superficial muscular aponeurotic system lift. These different facelift procedures are intended to address different problem areas. As such, they all have different sticker prices.

Before you start budgeting for your facelift, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. During this consultation, your cosmetic surgeon can help you determine what outcome you hope to achieve from your facelift, and what facelift procedure would best accomplish your desired outcome. This will give you a general idea of how much money you will need for your facelift.

Make a Budget

Once you know the approximate cost of your desired facelift procedure, you can map out a financial plan. If your procedure is on the lower end of the spectrum--around $3,000, say--then you can easily afford the procedure by making only a few conscious changes in your spending and saving. If your procedure is on the higher end of the spectrum--around $15,000--then you will need to make more drastic budgetary changes, or wait longer for your procedure.

Budgeting for Low-Cost Procedures

If your desired cosmetic procedure is one of the less expensive options, you can make just a few small lifestyle alterations to accomplish your goal. Making just a few small changes can translate into massive facelift budgeting strides. For example, ditching the daily $3 coffee and monthly $40 mani-pedi appointment results in a yearly savings of $1,575--over half of the cost of a $3,000 procedure! If you are even more ambitious in your penny pinching, you can realistically pay out of pocket for a procedure in less than a year!

Budgeting for High-Cost Procedures

If your cosmetic surgeon gave you an estimate in the $10,000-15,000 range, you will need to be even more savvy. Yet, even these procedures can be afforded with a conscious budget, and maybe even sooner than you think.

As with a lower cost procedure, scrutinize your spending and pinpoint where you can save. Also, consider alternative income sources, like a garage sale. A successful garage sale can land you hundreds of dollars, and also shed your household of excess items. You can also turn to the internet's many resale and auction sites.

Another sneaky yet fantastic source of facelift surgery funding is your income tax return. If you normally file your own taxes, you may be missing a lot of deductions, credits, and exemptions that you actually qualify for. When filing season approaches, seek the help of a tax professional. You may be eligible for an even bigger refund or, if you usually owe money, lower the amount you must shell out.

Assess your working situation. If you have been working for your employer for a long time and feel confident in your value to the company, buck up and ask your boss for a raise. It may make you squeamish, but if you first prepare your "pitch" and can objectively convey your worth, you just might walk away with a higher salary. You need not mention your facelift budgeting goals, either; if you can make your case, you probably deserve a raise anyway.

Finally, consider financing. Many cosmetic surgeons have in-house financing, but you can also seek help from private lenders. You may even be able to put the procedure on a credit card, either entirely or partially.

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