3 Ways To Help Preserve Your Hair During Chemotherapy

Finding out you have cancer is already a terrible thing, but the thought of having to go through chemo and lose your hair as well is just another terrible thing added to the list. This is even truer for women. Just thinking about losing your long locks can be devastating. While losing your hair is a possibility when undergoing chemo treatments, there are a few things you can try to minimize your chances of losing your hair. Check out some of these simple and effective options to help keep your hair looking amazing throughout your chemo.

Experiment with hair growth treatment.

Hair growth treatments aren't just for people who are losing their hair due to aging. They work wonders for people going through chemotherapy as well. While it might not prevent all hair loss, it can help to slow it down. For those who do lose some hair, this treatment will help it to grow back a lot quicker than doing nothing at all. Make sure to discuss this form of treatment with your doctor beforehand.

Try out cold caps.

With cold caps being a relatively new technology, many haven't heard of them yet. Essentially, cold caps are used whenever you go in for your chemo treatments. This cap is applied directly over your hair throughout the duration of your chemo treatment. You do have to change it out every half hour with a new one, so you want to make sure you go to a facility that can accommodate your needs for you. The theory is that it chills your hair cells and prevents the chemo from damaging them. While not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon for this cap just yet, many of those who have used cold caps have found favorable results.

Balance your hormones.

Hormones play a major role in how your body reacts to different events. When you are stressed, your cortisol levels tend to spike. Once that happens, your metabolism and hair growth are affected. Many women are estrogen dominant. The pesticides and BPA in the world around you can throw your estrogen levels out of whack. Too much estrogen can cause your hair to fall out. Thyroid hormones are important as well. When your metabolism is working properly, your hair will grow at a steady rate. The key is keeping everything aligned as you go through your chemo treatments. This will help slow down possible hair loss.

Cancer isn't exactly something anyone wants to think about or deal with, but there are solutions available to help you out.