3 Ways To Lessen Knee Pain

Knee pain can make walking or even sitting uncomfortable. Even though you may be taking over-the-counter pain medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, there are additional ways to help lessen your knee discomfort. Here are a few of them:

Buy a new pair of shoes.

Much of the stress that is transferred to your knees as you walk can be absorbed by adequately cushioned shoes. The foot bed of many athletic shoes is shock-absorbent. Thus, even if you are walking on a hard surface, the jolt to your knee joints is minimized. If your shoes do not contain well-cushioned inserts, you can buy inserts that are specially designed to absorb impact energy. Often, these inserts can be added to multiple types of shoes to ensure that your knees are protected as you walk about, regardless of the manner in which you are dressed.

Even if your shoes were purchased with adequate shock absorbency. The foot bed of your shoes can wear away over time. If the material was made of foam, it can become depressed by the continual donning of the shoes. This compression can cause the material to become less effective at absorbing shock. Thus, it is important to replace your shoes regularly.

Get rid of the high heels.

If you regularly wear high heel shoes, you may be placing undue pressure on your knees. High heels force your body into an unnatural posture. Much of the weight is transferred to the front of your body, including your kneecaps. You are, in effect, walking on your tiptoes as you ambulate in high heels.

If a shoe has a heel that is higher than a couple of inches, it may not be the best footwear for knee pain.

Develop your quadriceps.

Exercises, such as leg lifts and squats, can help develop your quadricep muscles. Since these muscles lie directly above the knee cap, they can help keep the knee joint in place and absorb some of the pressure from the knee.

If you would like to adopt weight-bearing exercises to help develop the thigh muscles, consult with your physician before beginning. He or she may restrict the amount of weight that is used during your exercises.  In addition, limit the types of aerobic exercises that you perform. Avoid high-impact motions and limit downhill running or walking.

To learn more ways to lessen your knee pain, consult with a knee pain company like Pottstown Surgical Associates.