A Medication-Free Solution For Treating Your Sunburn

Summer is the time of year where you get to take it easy, lounge by the pool, and enjoy a cool drink. It doesn't get much better than this, right? Spending your time relaxing outdoors is definitely enjoyable, but it does pose some risks. Without the proper use of sunscreen, you may end up with an irritating sunburn.

Sunburns are certainly no joke; they can cause unbearable discomfort that makes it difficult to sleep, wear clothes, and much more. Like some people, you may be hesitant to use medicated treatments for your burned skin. Fortunately, there are homeopathic solutions for treating sunburns that you can try out. One popular and effective solution is described below.

Taking A Dip In Tea

Soaking in a cool bath can quickly relieve the pain and discomfort you feel after getting an awful sunburn. To make the most out of your bath, add tea bags to pamper your aching skin. Surely this sounds a bit odd, doesn't it? While it may seem strange, the relief found through tea baths is explained below.

  • Use black tea to help heal your sunburn and provide relief from pain. Black tea contains tannic acid and antioxidants; these may reduce irritation, pain, and swelling.

  • Use herbal peppermint tea for a cool and refreshing form of relief. While herbal teas do not contain tannic acid, peppermint and spearmint create a cooling sensation. Eucalyptus tea or eucalyptus oil can also produce the same effects.

Use at least three tea bags in your bath to make sure the effects are strong enough. Let them steep for about 10 to 15 minutes prior to getting into your tub. You may also brew a pitcher of tea and then add it to your bath water. Soak for as long as you'd like or until you start feeling relief.

To get even more relief, take a few washcloths into your tub. Soak them in the tea and apply them to your skin like a cold compress. You can also apply these compresses to your skin throughout the day. You may want to use old or dark colored washcloths, as tea can easily stain light colored fabrics.

Visit A Dermatologist For Persistent Sunburns

While this unique homeopathic method can certainly provide relief, you may want to visit a dermatologist if your sunburn is persistent. Sun damage can be detrimental to your skin if it is not treated properly. Your dermatologist will offer sun damage repair remedies that are suited to meet your needs. Keep this option in mind if you want to ensure that your skin heals properly.