When You Are Taking Your Kids Camping: Keep It Simple

Camping with your kids can be a great adventure, but it helps to be as prepared as possible. While you don't need to pack everything you own to spend a week in the woods, some basic essentials will make your trip easier. A first aid fanny pack will give you the basic medical supplies you need if you are out on a hike and someone gets hurt, while fold-up waterproof ponchos will keep everyone dry if you experience a rain storm. If this is your first time camping with kids, focus on the things that keep your children safe, comfortable, and fed while not worrying about their electronic devices.

Have Basic First Aid Supplies

You will want to have a decent first aid kit that you keep at your campsite in the event that someone in your party gets injured. Lots of small injuries can occur while you are camping, especially if you haven't cooked on a fire for some time or your kids are using equipment they aren't familiar with. Have enough supplies to be able to clean a wound and bandage it up. Even if you need to go for further medical attention, it's necessary to have bandages and ice packs on-site. When you go for a hike, a first aid fanny pack should be carried just in case.

Plan Your Meals

Cooking for your family when you are out camping does not have to be complicated. Your children will be getting a lot of fresh air and exercise, which generally means they are going to be more hungry than usual. Keep your meal planning simple, such as sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers, so that your children always have food they can grab. Have plenty of cereal, granola bars, fruit, and small packaged snacks to make it easy on you.

Bring Warmer Clothing Than You Think You'll Need

Even in the middle of a hot summer, the nights can get cold. Bring enough warm clothing for your children to sleep in, hang around by the campfire, and explore the campground at night. While your children can wear the same sweatshirt all week, a couple of sweatshirts is not a bad idea.

As you get ready for your camping trip, understand that you are going to forget something and it is not going to ruin your trip. Pack bug spray, food, bedding, clothing, your tent, and first aid supplies, and you are well on your way to being prepared for the trip. Make a list of everything you want to bring and check it off as you pack it. For more information, contact suppliers of first aid kits like Safety NJ First Aid Kits.