The Benefits Of Supplementing With Quercetin

Quercetin is a nutrient that scientists and doctors are learning more about recently. This nutrient is found in apples, onions, and a range of other foods. However, many people do not get as much quercetin as they could or should, often because their overall intake of fruits and veggies is a bit low. A good solution is to supplement with quercetin tablets or capsules. But what benefits can you look forward to if you do incorporate these supplements into your routine?

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when a tissue holds onto more fluid than it should. This causes the area to look swollen. Sometimes, it also causes redness and discomfort. Inflammation is a symptom of many health problems and a contributing factor to many others. For example, inflammation in the joints is known as arthritis and can cause discomfort when you move or stand. Inflammation in the gums is called gingivitis, and it can lead to painful gums. Quercetin is known for its body-wide inflammation-reduction benefits. As such, it can help manage a wide range of conditions related to inflammation, including arthritis, gum disease, atherosclerosis, and sinus pressure.

Stronger Immune System

Your immune cells work hard to kill off any bacteria or viral particles before they have a chance to replicate and cause infection. Zinc plays an important role in this process. It is needed for the healthy development of these immune cells. Quercetin can help shuttle zinc to your immune cells so they have the nutrients and components needed to grow strong and serve their core functions. So, when you start taking quercetin supplements, you may notice that you become sick less often or that you don't become as ill when you do have a cold or the flu.

Improved Cognition

Do you sometimes struggle to think clearly? Maybe you struggle with brain fog and the sensation of being unable to sort your own thoughts. Quercetin supplements can help with this. Quercetin plays a role in the cellular production of mitochondria, which are the organelles responsible for producing the cell's energy. Supplement with quercetin and your brain cells will likely start making more mitochondria, which may help improve your cognitive function while easing away brain fog.

If you would like to reduce inflammation, become ill less often, and improve your cognition, it is a good idea to start taking quercetin supplements. Look for a brand that labels its supplement clearly and provides specific dosing instructions. 

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