Before Bikini Area Laser Hair Removal, You Must Prepare

When it comes to hair removal in the bikini area, the laser used during the treatment process covers much of the heavy lifting. Yet, to get the most out of these services and protect your skin, some prep work is involved on your part. Before you arrive at the spa for laser hair removal, learn about some steps you want to perform at home.

Decide on a Target

Before you book your appointment, decide which removal option is right for you. You can choose from a bikini line-only treatment or a Brazilian removal for this area. The bikini line-only treatment is limited to the area just above and along the sides of the pubic area, while the Brazilian targets all pubic hair, including the area to the rear of the pubic area. You want to have a general idea of the areas you want to target so that you know where to focus your preparation efforts. 

Skip the Tanning Salon

If you enjoy tanning, you must deny yourself of this indulgence for a period before and after treatment. The lasers used for this procedure use the melanin in the skin to target its light. Tanning makes your skin appear darker, but it does not alter the skin's natural melanin level. As a result, it can make it harder for the laser to penetrate properly. Keep in mind that the same is true even if your natural complexion is a darker tone. 

Shave, Not Wax

Unlike some other treatments, the skin must be free from protruding hair on the day of the treatment. So, you want to shave the area but do not want to wax or pluck. The root must be intact for the laser to target the follicle appropriately. Waxing and plucking remove the root. To avoid irritation, avoid shaving just before your appointment. For example, if your appointment is late in the afternoon, you want to shave first thing when you wake in the morning. 

Clean the Area

The skin should be clear of any natural oils and lotions during treatment, as these substances may impact the laser's ability to work correctly. If your appointment is several hours after you shower, carry a wipe so that you can clean the area again just before your appointment. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing on the day of the treatment. While the treatment does not generally cause irritation, tight-fitting clothing can rub against the area and cause discomfort.

Keep in mind that the facility you visit might have additional preparation instructions. Be sure to ask a staff member more about what you need to do beforehand.  

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