3 Reasons To Take A Child To A Chiropractor

Many parents choose to take their children to a chiropractor. This is because a chiropractor offers a safe alternative to modern medicine for treating illnesses and trauma. Here are a couple things that a chiropractor can treat.

1. Birth Trauma

During pregnancy the infant's spine develops perfectly. In most cases the child's spine is perfectly straight, without any problems, so long as they are in utero. However, birth can be traumatizing for the baby. If the child was born vaginally, they probably had a lot of pressure on their spine and their body. In order to descend down the birth canal, their body had to contort and move around, causing problems with the spine.

This is why many chiropractors recommend that you take the infant to a chiropractor within the first few years of life. They will do a very simple and safe adjustment that helps stretch the spine of the baby so that they are healthier and happier. The child is likely to sleep better and have less acid reflux.

2. Ear Infections

One of the most common reasons that people take their children to a chiropractor is for ear infections. Ear infections are one of the most common childhood illnesses. Some children get so many ear infections that they have to have surgery at a young age. Even if the child doesn't get surgery they might be on antibiotics multiple times in their first years of life, which can be dangerous for their small bodies.

This is why a chiropractor is a great way to deal with ear infections. An adjustment from an experienced chiropractor can help to treat the infection without surgery or antibiotics. You can take the child to the chiropractor, one like Brook Chiropractic, as often as necessary. They will help to release the fluid in the ear and encourage normal drainage.

3. Whiplash

Many adults see a chiropractor to help correct whiplash after a car accident. It is no secret that a chiropractor does a great job to correct pain in the back and neck. What many people don't realize is that children can suffer from whiplash and injuries to the head and neck as well.

If a child has been in a car accident, it is important that they are examined and evaluated by a chiropractor. The earlier you get treatment, the more likely they will be to have a fully recovery. A simple adjustment may correct potentially years of pain.