What You Need To Know About Problems With Seeing In The Dark

Do you find yourself having problems seeing well in the nighttime? Many people have problems with their vision at night. It can be very frustrating to drive at night, find your way around in the dark without using a flash light, even getting around your own house during the night. Here are some things that you need to know about your vision at night:

What Causes Night Vision Problems?

There are many different reasons that someone would have problems with their night vision. One of the most common problem is cataracts. Cataracts are when the lens under the pupil has a build up of debris that obstructs your vision. Many people develop cataracts as they get older, which is why you will notice your night vision getting worse with age.

Another reason people have problems is because they have vitamin deficiencies, illnesses such as diabetes, and even prolonged exposure to sunlight.  As you can see there are many reasons for night vision problems, and many people have multiple reasons that their vision at night is getting worse.

Can You Treat Night Vision Problems?

In most cases you can treat these problems. If you are dealing with cataracts you should be able to get a simple procedure done where they clean the lens to remove any debris. This will help you to see better.

Second, you can try changing your diet. Perhaps you could take a multivitamin to ensure that you are getting all of the vitamins in your diet so that you don't have a deficiency.

Lastly, you can get non-glare glasses. Many people think that non-glare glasses are best for daytime wear. Although they work well in the day, at night you might notice the glare the most. This is because the lights that you see while driving for instance, can be completely blurred and can cause you to see a glare. Thus, getting better lenses might help to correct the problem.

Can You Prevent Night Vision Problems?

It depends on the cause for the problems. Obviously if you have a vitamin deficiency you can make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins in your diet. However, cataracts are hard to prevent. It is simply something that happens over time and with age. If you have diabetes it is important to control your blood sugar so that you don't have complications with your vision.

Generally try to keep your appointments with your optometrist and let them know if you are worried about night vision. They can help you know if there is anything you can do to protect your eyes. Have more questions? Contact a company like Arizona Eye Specialists with your concerns.