3 Reasons To Choose In-Home Care For Seniors

America's rapidly aging baby boomer population is forcing millions of families to think about end-of-life care options. Many families assume that nursing homes are the best option, and 1.4 million Americans currently live in nursing homes according to the CDC. In reality, however, senior care in the home offers three big advantages over nursing homes.

Better Quality of Life

Maybe the biggest reason to choose home care for seniors is that seniors overwhelmingly prefer living at home to living in a nursing home. Older people, especially those who have spent their lives in one home, usually hate the idea of packing up and moving to a nursing home or other care facility. They're more comfortable in their own homes, surrounded by fond memories and with easy access to their social circles. Home care also allows seniors to feel more independent, even if a nurse is taking care of them on a daily basis. In a nursing home, seniors think of themselves as patients. At home, they can think of themselves as healthy people who need a bit of extra attention and help. 

Better Treatment Outcomes

The higher quality of life available from in-home care can also translate to better treatment outcomes. Residents of long-term nursing homes are often depressed and sometimes feel like they're simply waiting to die. Worse, they're surrounded by sick people who may carry transmissible diseases. Between the grim environment and the high risk of infection, nursing homes don't offer great promise for helping seniors recover their lives. In-home care is a much better solution.

More Cost Effective

It's counterintuitive, but home care is actually more cost effective than other treatment options for most senior citizens. Nursing homes and other facilities are equipped to provide a high degree of medical attention, so seniors that live in nursing homes are paying for that extra care even if they don't actually need it. For seniors who are still capable of getting around the house and don't pose a danger to themselves, regular in-home care is often cheaper. The Philadelphia Inquirer noted that keeping a senior in a nursing home for a year can cost almost $90,000, while a year's worth of senior care at home only runs about $27,000. For seniors who are capable of living semi-independently, home care is a much better option.

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