Four Career Concentrations That Sports Medicine Students Should Consider

Starting your educational path towards a degree in sports medicine is only one step to reaching your goal. At some point during your education, you will come face to face with choosing a career concentration. If you aren't sure which direction you want to go in, which option is an ideal choice for you, or which concentration will work with your own fitness lifestyle then here are four to think about. 

Physical Therapy

A common concentration for sports medicine majors is to double major or certify in physical therapy. This is an ideal option if you want to work while you continue your education or continue a path to becoming a doctor of sports medicine. Physical therapy assistants can find positions in nursing homes, hospitals, training centers, and in private practices. As you move up from assistant to a fully trained physical therapist, you can find higher paying positions.  Choosing physical therapy can also be ideal if you aren't sure

Athletic Trainer

As an athletic trainer you can work with school programs or with professional leagues as a trainer and therapist. The reason this concentration should be considered is due to the duality of the jobs it offers. With a sports medicine background along with a trainer certification, you can apply for positions that let you focus on one aspect while you help to implement preventative medicine techniques to cut down on athletic injuries. There are also many athletic organizations that seek out professionals with a dual background in sports medicine and training in order to fill two jobs slots and cut back on costs.


Having the right nutrition is key, especially for individuals trying to drop weight by increasing their workouts and decreasing their caloric intake. If you have sports medicine alongside a nutritionist certification you can help patients through health and well as nutrition. You can even work for yourself as a consultant for people going through weight loss stages that need more than just a gym to meet their goals.

Personal Trainer

If you want to work for yourself or start your own fitness business then having a concentration certification as a personal trainer may be the ideal option. As a personal trainer with a strong sports medicine background you can help people in all aspects of their fitness journey. You can apply preventative medicine techniques, physical therapy when they need it, personal training to reach their goals, and nutrition advice. It's the ideal option for someone who wants to have a little bit of everything in their career.

These are just a few of the concentrations and certifications you can consider. Remember, most of the certifications you consider can be achieved in as little as six months to a year through most junior colleges. These can be done on the side while you work to reach your long-term goals of becoming a sports medicine professional. For more information on the concentrations mentioned here, consult a college or career counselor.