3 Ways To Ease Your Toddler’s Earache

Toddlers are not the biggest fans of having earaches. It can make them fussy, more prone to temper tantrums, and generally very difficult to be around. As a parent, you will also want to make sure that your child's earache is healed as quickly as possible so that he or she is not in pain. Here are some natural remedies to heal earaches that you can try before making an appointment with the doctor.

1. Keep the Head Elevated

Whenever you toddler goes to sleep, make sure that his or her head is elevated in order to allow any fluids to drain away from the ears. This is important because trapped fluids are often a cause of earaches, and allowing them to drain is a great way to ease some of your toddler's pain. If your toddler is less than two years old, try to hold him or her while he or she sleeps. If your toddler is older than two years, you can just put a pillow underneath his or her head to elevate it.

2. Try Putting Olive Oil in the Ear

Put olive oil in a dropper and try putting three or four drops into the ear of your toddler. This can help ease an earache because it heavily lubricates the ear and allows anything that could be blocking the ear canal, such as a buildup of wax, to slide to the side. Make sure that the oil that you use is at room temperature in order to make sure that it is able to slide easily and does not cause your child pain. If you're worried about putting oil in your child's ear, try one drop diluted with two drops of warm water. 

3. Try Onion Juice

Grate a small onion into a pile. Then, use the flat side of a knife to squeeze the juice out of these shavings into a dropper. Once you have some of the onion juice, heat it so that it is slightly warmer than room temperature. Then, put two or three drops into your toddler's ear every few hours. The onion will be able to help because it has antibacterial properties and will be able to fight any mild infection that your child might be experiencing.

If you try these remedies and they do not relieve your child's pain after a few days, make sure that you take your child to see a pediatrician clinic, such as Ada Pediatrics PA as soon as possible.