What You Can Expect If You Have A Tummy Tuck

If you are thinking about getting a tummy tuck, then you should learn about the procedure and what you can expect during the recovery period. This will help you to come to a decision on whether or not a tummy tuck is going to be the right choice for you. This article will educate you on a complete abdominoplasty and the recovery process.

How a complete abdominoplasty is done

This procedure is often the best option for people who need quite a bit to be done in order for them to receive noticeable results. The incision will be made very low on your abdomen and it will go straight across the abdomen.

You will be given a general anesthesia before the procedure, which will cause you to sleep through the surgery and prevent you from feeling anything going on.

This procedure is done with the surgeon making a cut in your abdomen that goes from one hip across to the other hip. Once the cut has been made, the surgeon will then move around your tissue and muscle to give you the best possible results.

The surgeon will also pull your skin tight, and this will require for them to give you a new belly button hole since they will be moving the skin from that area. The procedure will conclude with your skin being brought together and stitched or stapled closed. At this time, the surgeon may also put drainage tubes in place if they feel it is necessary. These tubes are temporary and you will go back in to have them taken out after a few days or so.

What to expect during the healing process

The bandage that's used will be made of an elastic band because it will help you heal after this specific type of surgery. Your surgeon will send you home with instructions on caring for your incision and you want to make sure you follow them exactly. You should expect for the incision site to itch. Itching is a normal part of the healing process and it doesn't mean that anything is wrong.

While everyone heals within their own time, you can expect to need about a month and a half before you can start being active again. Until then, you should take it easy and plan on having someone else to help you with your activities.

You will be given pain medication to help with pain control. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle and don't wait to feel pain before taking the next pill. It will take a while for the pill to take effect and this can find you in a lot of pain.

Before you come to a decision on whether or not you should go through with a tummy tuck, you should discuss all your concerns with your surgeon and make sure you have a support system in place to help you during the healing process.

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