3 Healthcare Jobs To Keep You On Your Toes

If you want to work in the healthcare field but the stereotypical 9 to 5, clinical setting is not for you, there are ways to break out of the monotony. By finding healthcare jobs in various settings and interesting patient populations, you are sure to find a job that keeps the workday interesting.

Traveling Nurse

Take your nursing career to the next level by becoming a traveling nurse. This profession is ideal if you enjoy moving frequently and having various types of job responsibilities. Your next job could be anywhere across the country. Traveling nurses are often called upon to fill employee gaps, such as when a healthcare setting is looking for a permanent replacement or when someone is on vacation. Since you may work in various healthcare settings, the job is helpful if you are unsure which environment best suits your career goals and work style. It is also a way to gain valuable work experience with different patient populations.

ER/Trauma Professions

No matter whether you are a nurse, physician's assistant, or doctor, working in the emergency room (ER) is filled with interesting cases and unique situations. The average ER sees cases that range from concerns that could be handled in general practice to serious traumas. If you are especially interested in trauma cases, finding employment in a Level 1 trauma center is your best employment setting.

A Level 1 trauma center takes the most urgent of cases that other ERs cannot handle. Additionally, they are more likely to have specialized units, such as neurocritical or burn ICUs. Some medical professionals who work in emergency and trauma medicine also have additional training to work in mass casualty situations or offer assistance to emergency medical transport services, such as air ambulances.

Surgical Tech Or Nurse

When you want to be inside the operating room (OR) without actually operating, being either a surgical tech or nurse is an interesting career path. Assistants in the OR help with holding instruments during the surgery and typically do the preparation and disassembly of anything needed during the procedure. You might be called upon for various types of surgeries or work as part of a team on certain surgical specialties. For example, you might work with the same orthopedic or cardiothoracic surgeon each day.

Many surgeons prefer to establish a team of assistants to build familiarity with each person's work and make surgeries go smoother. Your day might be filled with assisting on scheduled surgeries and the occasional emergency surgery. If you are on a trauma surgeon's team, there is nothing ordinary about your day.

When you want to work in healthcare but would prefer new experiences from day to day, there are several employment options to fit your desires. Choosing fast-paced careers with unique cases will make your workday more interesting.

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