2 Tips To Prevent Inflammation When Wearing Your Hearing Aids To Exercise

If you incorporate daily exercise workouts into your daily routine, then it can be difficult to go without your hearing aids. If you exercise around your neighborhood, out in the street, then this can increase safety concerns. Therefore, you may want to wear your hearing aids at all times. However, if your hearing aid is not treated before and after you exercise, then you can end up suffering from ear inflammation for the next few days. While painful, the inflammation should get better with time. In order to prevent this whole ordeal, there are a few tips that you can use to protect your ear from developing from inflammation when using your hearing aids to exercise.

Immediately Remove and Clean Your Hearing Aids Following Exercise

The biggest reason that ear inflammation results from wearing hearing aids is because individuals fail to remove their hearing immediately after the workout. All of the sweat that you have accumulated while running, performing yoga, or any other exercise will drip into your ear canal. The sweat is full of bacteria. When the sweat is left untouched it will cause your inner ear to become irritated and inflamed. You can avoid this by removing your hearing aid and wiping it down with an antibacterial spray. Once the device has been cleaned, place it in a dry caddy. If you exercise for several hours at a time, then you should give your hearing aid a chance to dry out at the end of each hour.

Store Your Hearing aids in a Dry Area When Not In Use

A dry hearing aid is the key to maintaining a healthy ear. Hearing aids that are stored in wet environments will develop bacteria growth. This bacteria growth becomes a bigger issue when the hearing aid is exposed to your sweat as you exercise. By placing an already damp or wet hearing aid in your ear you are basically transferring bacteria from your ear to the hearing aid and back. As the bacteria grows, you will begin to notice a slight pain and this feeling can become worse over time. Therefore, it is important to keep your hearing aids completely dry whenever they are not in your ear by storing them in a dry location.

Hearing aids can make participating in some of your favorite physical activities more enjoyable. However, an inflamed ear can spoil this fun. Therefore, use these tips to help prevent ear inflammation. For more information, contact a hearing aid company, like County Hearing And Balance.