How Ultrasound Can Help With The Dangers Of Lymphedema

Lymphedma is a problematic condition that can cause serious pain in those who suffer from it. However, the use of ultrasound in a variety of ways shows promise for those who have it and could help avoid complications.

Lymphedema Can Be Painful

Lymphedema is a condition caused by the failure or removal of lymph nodes after surgery or during cancer treatment. These nodes are essential for capturing a variety of foreign substances and destroying them. Unfortunately, the death or failure of lymph nodes can cause this fluid to collect and lead to severe swelling. Even worse, it can lead to pain and other problems.

Typically, it is treated by pain management and massages. However, ultrasound therapy and ultrasound's generalized use seem to hold promise for treating this serious and sometimes debilitating condition.

Ultrasound Therapy May Be Useful

Ultrasound therapy is the use of these sound waves to manage various health problems. For example, it can be used to help manage the spread of cancer and other serious concerns. However, one study focused on using it to manage the spread and symptoms of lymphedema. It was found that this treatment method could help decrease the size of affected limbs very well.

As a result, it has become an interesting option for those who are suffering from lymphedema and who want to avoid serious health concerns. Even more promising, the use of general ultrasound could help avoid the spread of more serious diseases caused by lymphedema.

Treating Cellulitis

While ultrasound therapy can be a useful tool for treating lymphedema, it can also be a diagnostic tool that helps find other problems. For example, it can detect the causes of this condition and help a patient track the spread of other serious diseases. This is especially useful when a person is suffering from conditions such as cancer and are worried it may spread.

Even if the symptom is not a cancer, a good ultrasound can detect what kind of problems cause cellulitis in the leg. This condition is a common infection that occurs in those who have lymphedema. It will cause the foot to swell up, become red, and create high levels of pain. By catching the causes of this condition, doctors can help their patients avoid serious blood infections.

The use of ultrasound is rapidly becoming one of the most accepted and empowering ways to manage lymphodema and the spread of cellulitis. Anyone who develops this problem and who wants to avoid complications should talk to their doctor, like those at EVDI Medical Imaging, about the benefits of ultrasound.