Got A Job In A Factory? How To Prevent Back Pain And What To Do If You Get It

If you are getting a job in a factory you may quickly find that your back will start hurting after a few days. This is because most factory jobs require you to do the same movements over and over for long periods of time. If your back does start to hurt and you do nothing about it, the pain will only become worse and you may end up having surgery. To help you below are some tips what you can do to prevent back pain, as well as what you can do if you hurt your back and are in pain.

Prevent Back Pain

Take occasional breaks away from your job. This could be simply standing up and stretching your back. Pull back your shoulders and pull your arms back. Stretch with your arms up in the air. Put your hands on your waist and twist your back going back and forth. All of this only takes a few minutes. When it comes time for your break, do these things for longer periods.

Ask your supervisor if you can mix up your work a little so you do not have to make the same movement over and over. This will make a big difference in the way your back feels.

Wearing good, supportive shoes can also help. This is because good shoes provide more support. Talk with your doctor about getting insoles that are specially designed for you. You will have to buy a certain brand of tennis shoes and then place the insoles inside the shoe. The insoles are generally made of graphite or a soft plastic and are very comfortable. You can also get these insoles to fit in other types of shoes if you cannot wear tennis shoes on your job.

Manage Pain

If you have back pain no matter what you do there are ways you can manage it. Talk with your doctor about sending you to a pain clinic, as they can teach you many things to do. There are doctors at these pain clinics that can prescribe pain medication to you, do a nerve block procedure, perform physical therapy, and perform massage therapy. You can find pain clinics that deal with only back pain if you prefer.  

The doctors at the pain clinic will also give you some instructions on what you can do at home to help manage the pain. For example, at home you can use a heating pad and ice to help with the pain. Your doctor at the pain clinic can tell you how to use the heat and ice method.

Your doctor may decide to give you a steroid injection in your back to help manage your pain while you heal.

If you continue to have back pain, make sure you see an orthopedic doctor, such as at Pain Stop MD, to determine what the problem is.