Are You Establishing Yourself In A New Area?

Did your job transfer you to a new city? Perhaps you, or you and your spouse, decided that it was time to be closer to family members. Or, it might just be that you're ready for the new experiences that come with a move. Whatever the reason for you leaving your present location, you are more than likely thinking of things that you need to do to establish yourself in your new area. From finding the right neighborhood to finding doctors, here are some ideas that might help you to establish yourself in your new area.

Meeting With A Realtor -  Before you meet with a realtor, consider what kind of lifestyle you want to be living in the future. Perhaps you lived in the suburbs or in the city and you have decided that it's time for a slower paced life that might come from living out in the country. On the other hand, you might want to be near places like art galleries, museums and the theater. In that case, more than likely you want to live in the city, or at least close to the city. If you still have children living at home, you'll obviously want good schools for them. Your realtor will have the experience to point you in the right direction as you hunt for your new home.

Finding Medical Providers - Before you leave your present location, consider talking to the dentist and to the doctors you are currently using. They may have the names of dentists and doctors they can recommend, possibly friends from medical school. Of course, you can choose to go to doctors that specialize in certain areas of medicine, like an OB-GYN doctor. However, have you considered finding a doctor that practices family medicine? Consider how convenient it would be to have just one doctor who would take care of all of your family needs at a place like Stellis Health. That doctor may even have a Physicians Assistant who is qualified to take care of many of your family member's needs. If the time comes that you might need a specialist, say a surgeon for gall bladder surgery or a specialist who treats cancer patients, your family medicine doctor will have the resources to connect you to that specialist. 

As you are planning your move to a new area, consider making a list of all of the resources that you will need to find.