Tips To Help You Get Through Labor

If you are pregnant, no matter how far along you are, it is time to start thinking about labor. Preparing for labor is more than just getting ready physically it is about your state of mind. Here are some ways you can prepare for this life changing experience even if it is not your first time around.

Think Positively

Even if you have given birth already and it was a taxing experience it does help as you approach labor to hear the more positive side of things. There are some positive stories out there even though it seems like the horror stories get more attention. If you are a bit fearful about labor, look up these stories on the web or buy a book. You can refer to these stories when you feel anxious, it will calm your nerves.

Exercise in Moderation

Light exercise during pregnancy will help to make your body strong and get it ready for labor. Talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program. Once you get the green light, go ahead and sign up for an antenatal exercise class near you. Even if you don't sign up for a class, you can buy videos or go online to check out appropriate exercises for your trimester.

Create a Birth Plan

A birth plan is one of those essentials that many women forget to make. However, it can become extremely useful especially in the heat of labor when you can't think clearly, or it may become difficult to communicate your needs. Decide on who you want in the delivery room with you, the method of pain relief that you would like. Think about whether you would like to be in water as you give birth. Decide whether you want to breastfeed right after giving birth. There is no right or wrong birth plan, just create one that is right for you. Keep it short and clear, so that the medical staff around you at birth won't have trouble reading it. Once you have created your birth plan you should share it with your spouse, your OBGYN, your doctor, and anyone else you would like. Keep extra copies available and bring them with you to the hospital.

Preparing for labor may feel like you are preparing to run a marathon. Remember, that even women who have given birth many times often feel apprehensive about labor. You are not alone and if you are prepared beforehand the chances of you getting through labor efficiently will greatly increase.