Tips For Properly And Safely Cleaning Your Eyelids

How often do you think about your eyelids? If you're not thinking about them at least once a day when you wash your face, that's something to consider changing. Taking proper care of your eyelids can help prevent eye infections, eyelid irritation, and premature wrinkles in this area. So, what guidelines should you follow when you're cleaning your eyelids? Take a look.

Use a dedicated eyelash cleanser.

Most face washes are not specifically formulated for use around your eyes. They probably won't do immediate damage, but over time, they may dry out your eyelid skin or perpetuate the development of fine lines. For the best results, you really want to use a specific eyelid cleaner on your eyelids and around your eyes. This will be gentler overall.

Be gentle.

Especially if you wear eye makeup, you will want to massage your eyelids and the surrounding area as you wash. This will loosen and remove makeup from this sensitive skin. However, as you massage the eyelids, you do want to be careful not to press too hard. Applying too much pressure can cause irritation, and it might even drive some cleanser into your eyes. You should barely be touching your skin as you rub; use a light, gentle touch.

Wipe the cleanser off before opening your eyes.

Use a really soft cloth or facial cleansing sponge to wipe the eyelid cleanser off of your eyelids. Only then should you open your eyes. If you don't have a soft cloth, then you can instead splash some cool water over your eyes to rinse your eyelids. Just make sure you close your eyes tightly as you do so. 

Keep an eye out for irritation.

People can be sensitive to certain ingredients that don't bother other people. So, after you use a specific eyelid cleanser, pay attention to how your skin and eyes feel. If your skin and eyelids feel itchy or sore, or if you notice any redness or flaking, then you might be sensitive to the eyelid cleaner you're using. Try a different brand with different ingredients. Brands that don't use any artificial scents or colors tend to be best for sensitive eyelids.

Cleansing your eyelids is not hard, but it is a task you need to pay close attention to. If you follow the tips above, you should succeed in cleaning your eyelids more thoroughly, and also without causing undue irritation.