How Physical Therapy Can Help You Treat Chronic Back Pain Caused By A Car Accident

The impact of a car accident is often severe enough to leave long-lasting injuries, such as chronic back pain. If you're currently experiencing such pain after being involved in an accident on the road, physical therapy is a treatment option to consider. Unlike other treatments, such as prescription medication and topical ointments, physical therapy is used to help treat the pain and improve your mobility over time. So, even if you're struggling to bend or move around as fast or as easily as you have in the past, regular therapy sessions can help with that.

You Can Learn Ways to Stretch Your Body and Get Relief

When working with a physical therapist, you can expect to learn new stretches, some of which may be slightly uncomfortable initially but will eventually relieve some of your back pain. These stretches can include bridges, pelvic tilts, and seated spinal twists, all of which can ease discomfort and leave your back feeling better. Along with learning and completing these stretches in therapy, you can do them at home, setting yourself up for the day in hopes of experiencing less pain.

Physical Therapy Sessions Can Help You Become More Flexible and Balanced

Learning different stretches, movements, and exercises tailored to help with chronic back pain can help improve your flexibility and make getting around easier. For example, if you've started to have difficulty with mobility, you may notice that your ability to get up and down a staircase or in and out of a car improves after physical therapy sessions, despite suffering from chronic back pain. In addition to improving your flexibility, the movements you practice with your physical therapist can help with balance, reducing your risk of falling and potentially injuring yourself or aggravating your back pain.

Combining Physical Therapy with Other Treatments Can Help You Maximize Your Comfort

Physical therapy is just one of several treatment options you can use together to maximize your comfort and overcome chronic back pain. While regularly attending physical therapy sessions, consider getting massages, soaking in a hot tub or pool if you have one at home, and even using a heating pad to offer additional relief on the worst days when the pain seems to be too much for you to handle.

Physical therapy sessions provide the natural pain relief you need after getting in an accident and experiencing chronic back pain. It's highly effective and can help you become more in tune with your body as you use different movements and stretches to ease discomfort.