How An Electric Wheelchair Can Increase Your Ability To Travel

Limited mobility is always a difficult situation for people to handle. This fact is particularly true if you were used to getting around easily on your own and can no longer handle it. Thankfully, it is possible to get an electric wheelchair to improve your mobility, independence, and ability to travel. Traveling Helps A Person Feel Independent Traveling isn't just a great way to see the world. It helps a person feel like they are in control of their life and truly independent. Read More 

Get Successful Weight Loss Through Depression And Anxiety

Anxiety and depression can cause crippling issues, especially when it comes to social life and interactions. If you have gained weight due to depression especially, the prospect of going to the gym or to weight loss support groups can seem like a tall order. However, becoming fit can actually make you feel better emotionally. If you need to lose weight in order to gain a healthier lifestyle, here are some tips for dealing with weight loss, even if you struggle with anxiety or depression. Read More 

What Is Direct Cremation?

If a loved one dies, the thought of deciding what to do with their body and planning their funeral can be hard to handle. However, it is necessary to make these decisions promptly so you can choose between a burial or cremation. If you decide on cremation, you might want to go with a direct cremation. This means the body is cremated right after death, and the rest of the services you choose are entirely up to you. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Surgeries Designed To Stop Snoring

If you have tried everything to stop your snoring, but it is still there and is affecting your spouse, you might want to look into surgery for snoring. While surgery is typically the last option used for snoring, it can make a big difference when nothing else works. Here are three things you should know about surgery for snoring. What causes snoring? Snoring is something that affects approximately 90 million adults in the U. Read More 

Turn Your Head And Oink: Medical Techniques You Didn’t Know Students Practiced On Pigs

When it comes to the medical field, practice very definitely makes perfect. But when it comes to surgery time, doctors can't have time to practice -- they need to get it right every single time, no matter the technique or the patient. For this reason, some medical schools will have their students practice on pigs -- dead or anesthetized, whole or in parts -- in order to make sure they've got the method down pat. Read More