3 Ways To Help Preserve Your Hair During Chemotherapy

Finding out you have cancer is already a terrible thing, but the thought of having to go through chemo and lose your hair as well is just another terrible thing added to the list. This is even truer for women. Just thinking about losing your long locks can be devastating. While losing your hair is a possibility when undergoing chemo treatments, there are a few things you can try to minimize your chances of losing your hair. Read More 

Treating Injuries When Your Child Is Learning To Walk

When your child takes their first few steps, you will most likely be extremely proud of their new accomplishment. While this is a milestone in a child's life, it also signifies the need for parents to be on guard at all times to help ward off and treat injuries. Small children often have several falling incidents as they learn how to walk. Here are some of the most common new walker injuries, how to treat them effectively, and when to head to an emergency clinic or hospital, such as  Peninsula Community Health Services- Medical (Cottonwood), for help. Read More 

Get Successful Weight Loss Through Depression And Anxiety

Anxiety and depression can cause crippling issues, especially when it comes to social life and interactions. If you have gained weight due to depression especially, the prospect of going to the gym or to weight loss support groups can seem like a tall order. However, becoming fit can actually make you feel better emotionally. If you need to lose weight in order to gain a healthier lifestyle, here are some tips for dealing with weight loss, even if you struggle with anxiety or depression. Read More