Ignorance Is Far from Bliss: the Importance of Monitoring Preeclampsia for a Safe Pregnancy

When the character of Lady Sybil from the popular television show Downton Abbey died during childbirth, it may have seemed to many viewers like an artifact of the times. After all, the show is a historical drama, and the episode was set in 1920, nearly a hundred years ago. It's easy to think of childbirth as being much more dangerous in the past, with more primitive medical techniques and less sophisticated equipment. Read More 

3 Ways To Ease Your Toddler’s Earache

Toddlers are not the biggest fans of having earaches. It can make them fussy, more prone to temper tantrums, and generally very difficult to be around. As a parent, you will also want to make sure that your child's earache is healed as quickly as possible so that he or she is not in pain. Here are some natural remedies to heal earaches that you can try before making an appointment with the doctor. Read More 

Could Your Child Benefit From Vision Therapy?

Does your child struggle with reading and writing?  Does he or she have a short attention span, and complain of sore eyes and/or headaches?  There may be visual problems at play that contribute to his or her problems learning.  A vision therapy clinic would be able to help you assess your child's needs, and potentially improve visual issues that could be standing in the way of his or her success. Read More 

What Happens Next If Your Baby Fails Their Initial Newborn Hearing Test

Before you even leave the hospital with your baby, you can have your baby's hearing checked. Simple tests have been developed that allow your doctor to check your newborn's hearing. This test was developed in order to diagnose hearing issues in newborns and help them get the assistance they need as soon as possible. How The Initial Hearing Test Works Newborn hearing tests are designed to be very easy on your child. Read More 

Should You Run Through the Pain, or Take a Day off?

There's a certain amount of pain and soreness that comes with distance running. If you stayed on the couch every day one of your calves or thighs felt a little tight, you'd never get in shape. On the other hand, running through an injury can make that injury worse, leaving you sidelined for weeks or months. How do you know whether your discomfort is something you should run through, or a sign of impending injury? Read More