How To Keep Your Teens Healthy

The teenage years are essential in establishing lifelong habits, as they serve as a launching pad for adulthood. To keep your teens healthy and to set them up for a healthy start to adulthood, follow the three tips below. 1. Keep mealtimes screen-free. As technology increasingly infiltrates daily life, people are spending exponentially more time in front of screens while watching TV, browsing the internet, and texting with friends. As a result, more and more people are eating while engaged with technology. Read More 

Key Questions For Aging Parents

As our parents prepare to enter their golden years, there comes a time when key topics should be discussed. Asking potentially sensitive questions of your parents can seem challenging, but their comfort and safety depend on it. The five main areas to address with senior loved ones include: health, activities/mobility, living situation, finances, and end of life choices. Here are some questions and ideas to consider for each of these categories when talking with your senior parents: Read More