Three Ways To Get More Out Of Your Chiropractic Appointments

Visiting the chiropractor can do wonders for your health and wellness. However, successful chiropractic treatments involve more than just a competent chiropractor. They require the patient to be active and involved in their own treatments. Here are three ways to get more out of your chiropractic appointments by being an engaged, proactive patient. Give an accurate and complete health history. You might think that a health issue you suffered from 10 years ago is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the problems your chiropractor is helping you address now – but that's not always the case. Read More 

Three Natural And Safe Alternatives To Reduce Pain And Inflammation Associated With Osteoarthritis

27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, and the condition only gets worse with age. Once the cartilage between your bones starts to deteriorate, your bones start to rub against one another, causing pain and inflammation in your joints. It can be difficult to manage the pain in between the recommended dosage of your pain medication. However, there are ways. Using natural alternatives, you will be able to relieve the pain while waiting for your next dose. Read More 

A Medication-Free Solution For Treating Your Sunburn

Summer is the time of year where you get to take it easy, lounge by the pool, and enjoy a cool drink. It doesn't get much better than this, right? Spending your time relaxing outdoors is definitely enjoyable, but it does pose some risks. Without the proper use of sunscreen, you may end up with an irritating sunburn. Sunburns are certainly no joke; they can cause unbearable discomfort that makes it difficult to sleep, wear clothes, and much more. Read More 

What You Should Know About Dry Eye Syndrome

If you struggle with eyes that are constantly dry, red, or itchy, you might be suffering from dry eye syndrome. This is not a serious eye condition, but one that may require an eye exam in order to determine the root cause. Here are some things to know about dry eye syndrome. There Are a Variety of Causes First of all, like many conditions of the eye, there isn't just one single thing that causes dry eye syndrome. Read More 

When You Should Stop Your Obstacle Race Training: Pains To Take Seriously

There are often trends in workout styles and competitions that ask participants to push their bodies to the extreme and beyond. One such activity is known as an obstacle race (such as Spartan races or the competitions performed on the television show, American Ninja Warrior). While competing in such races can be fun and exciting, the training and races themselves can cause you to experience a wide variety of aches and pains. Read More