What Happens Next If Your Baby Fails Their Initial Newborn Hearing Test

Before you even leave the hospital with your baby, you can have your baby's hearing checked. Simple tests have been developed that allow your doctor to check your newborn's hearing. This test was developed in order to diagnose hearing issues in newborns and help them get the assistance they need as soon as possible. How The Initial Hearing Test Works Newborn hearing tests are designed to be very easy on your child. Read More 

Should You Run Through the Pain, or Take a Day off?

There's a certain amount of pain and soreness that comes with distance running. If you stayed on the couch every day one of your calves or thighs felt a little tight, you'd never get in shape. On the other hand, running through an injury can make that injury worse, leaving you sidelined for weeks or months. How do you know whether your discomfort is something you should run through, or a sign of impending injury? Read More 

Four Career Concentrations That Sports Medicine Students Should Consider

Starting your educational path towards a degree in sports medicine is only one step to reaching your goal. At some point during your education, you will come face to face with choosing a career concentration. If you aren't sure which direction you want to go in, which option is an ideal choice for you, or which concentration will work with your own fitness lifestyle then here are four to think about. Read More 

What To Know Before Visiting A Dermatologist

If you're having skin problems you're probably considering visiting a dermatologist. This can be a daunting experience if you've never seen a specialized physician, so here are a few key things you should know before seeing a dermatologist. Know your needs. There are many reasons why one might want to visit a dermatologist, and the care you're looking for will dictate which type of dermatologist you should see. You should first assess whether you are interested in medical advice or a cosmetic procedure. Read More 

Understanding Hyperthyroidism In Your Cat

You've noticed that your cat is frequently at their water dish and food bowl. When they aren't eating or drinking, they seem anxious as they wander around the house. Your cat may have hyperthyroidism, a common disease in felines. A visit to your veterinarian will confirm this and medications are available to control it. Here is what to expect and how to help your feline companion cope with their illness. Read More